The real cost of bad corporate identity design

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If you want to have an effective running business, you will have to make sure that you maintain your image through the right corporate branding. Having a good corporate identity plays a large role in positioning your brand. Your decisions in choosing an adequate designer over an established designer, choosing a cheap designer and design studio, or free online logo design service, may save you money now, but in the long run this route will become more expensive to maintain as you will need to redesign more frequently. Rather use a marketing company that understands the importance of brand positioning. Look at their portfolio and make sure that they are well established. You can even make use of their testimonials and make a decision from there. Let’s have a look at why your corporate identity is so important and how a bad design can implicate your business going forward.

Corporate identity: The face of your business

Your corporate identity is your company’s initial success. It is your brand’s character and its distinctiveness. It creates the first impression your potential customers have with your brand. This is why it is essential to ensure that all of your marketing items from your branding to your website, social campaigns, initial communication from sales and media coverage, supports your corporate identity. Managing brand consistency across all channels is key if you want to stand out and boost your brand’s growth. Inconsistency is almost brand suicide. It is a common brand management mistake that should be dealt with before launching your brand.

A lack of corporate identity can damage your marketing results. Your corporate image is relative to its identity. A business that suffers from an identity crisis runs the risk of losing customers as they will be unable to really know who they are as a brand. The most common problems associated with branding complications include poor brand management, bad messages, and uninspiring leadership skills. Bad corporate identity has a large range of problems, even internally. A large problem arises when employees and employers don’t understand the organisation’s identity. In order to obtain a good corporate identity, employees should focus on portraying what their company does, what it serves, and what the overall purpose of the organisation is. Thus, everyone involved in the organisation needs to understand that they are powerful representatives.

Bad branding equals brand confusion

Development is great for any company and every smart business person wants to see their company grow. You may expand the company to meet new demands but sometimes it expands too quickly and the pressure of growing the business can also initiate a summary of products or services that don’t relate to the core mission of the business, producing more brand confusion.

A company is affected by poor communication. People have a certain admiration for companies that are completely transparent about their products, services, goals, and mission. What causes great devastation to your marketing efforts is giving your audience false information that does not accurately represent your brand. The inconsistencies of your marketing will eventually get noticed in your messaging. Confusion will never prosper. Brand consistency is the most imperative part of any company’s identity Here are some ways to ensure brand consistency:

  • You have to think long-term – For example, you will need to ask yourself what your brand will look like in a few years. How will your products or services progress? How will your demographics change? In order to answer these questions, you will first need to create a series of short-term goals that will help you achieve your brand mission and will enhance the chances of successfully reaching your long-term goals. Short-term goals will include setting a standard set of targets, something that will help you reach that long-term success you are looking for in your company.
  • You will need to know your brand message – An accurate message can be used to clarify your corporate identity and attract potential customers. Customers should be able to visit your main web page or have the first impression of your company and immediately know what your company can do for them. It is also very important to be as transparent as possible. You need to place your brand in a position where it accurately reflects the identity of your business through successful marketing.
  • Brands need to adapt and thrive – As new technology continues to shape the future and influence the way that people interact with brands, it’s important to predict changes and make adjustments accordingly. Your brand needs to grow with your target audience. From the logos that you use to your company’s messages, products/services, and communication, they all need to reflect the changes of your brand’s ideals. Thorough market research is the key to keeping up with the changes your audience exhibits. If you can promote your brand honestly and keep it consistent with your messaging, your brand will be able to adapt and overcome any seen or unforeseen obstacles and challenges in today’s times.

Good branding needs great marketing

When your brand’s existence, both online and through traditional marketing, grows awry, it can lead to your consumers thinking that the products or services that you offer are not held to the highest standards. There is a strong possibility they will overlook your company and look for something better. It is important to remember that customers think long-term. When it comes to their purchases, they make their purchasing decision acting more out of a partnership than just a once-off purchase.

Hence, it is imperative to accompany your branding with the most effective marketing. Yes, it is of critical importance to have well thought out branding, however, if you are not getting the right word out there, consumers are going to build their own assumptions about your brand that can be far off from the truth. Always make sure that you understand who you are as a brand and then make sure you take the necessary steps to understand your target audience. Here are some branding and marketing elements that you should be focusing on:

  • Focus on both your logo and tagline – They are essentially the first things the customer sees before, during, and after an acquisition.
  • Focus on your messaging – Your brand should always have a theme that runs across all of your marketing efforts. This way, no matter which channel or platform you choose to communicate on, your customers will immediately recognise your brand, which can help build brand loyalty.

In doing so, you can properly design your logo and deliver tailored messaging that will promote your brand and ensure its consistency. At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is complicate things and concern a potential customer. If your company is not clear and does not relate to its value statements, your brand’s messages will not be heard and will be lost in the noise created by your competitors.

Develop your identity through branding & marketing

All marketers know that you only have a few seconds to capture your clients’ attention. Those few seconds are critical and once engaged, you want to create a lasting impression. Therefore, there are no cutting corners or finding quick fixes. A good corporate identity is a long-term endeavour that needs constant attention, enhancement, and development.

Should you require a strong, long lasting corporate identity for your brand, contact us and let’s help you reach new heights. We have the perfect blend of branding and marketing to suit any company, no matter the size or industry.

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