Easily manage your marketing efforts with monthly reports

Easy to understand monthly marketing reports

Includes Analytics, Engagement and Advertising Reports

Know what was done and what needs to be done next

Understand which channels work and which ones need attention.

Comes in one comprehensive monthly email

Executive Summary Reports
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You need to know if the time and money that you are spending is working or not. Marketing is a multi-channel process so some channels may perform better than others. Know which ones to spend more resources on for more impact.

Our monthly Executive Summary takes complicated reports and summarises them into something any business owner or marketing manager can understand. Marketing improves through continuous tweaking and the reports makes it clear where changes should be applied or where to try something new.

We report on the different channels of traffic into your website such as direct traffic, referrals from inbound links, paid promotion through Google Ads, social media engagement reports and our own activities during that month.

These reports come from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social Media Engagement, SEO Tracking Platforms and the Retainer Timesheet. The Timesheet gives a breakdown of precisely where the time was spent.

The monthly Executive Summary is intimately connected to the way that we market your company. It is only available as part of our Marketing Retainer since that is where the real value is delivered.

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