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Content Marketing
Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is the process of taking original articles and information about the products and services that you offer and sharing it across your website and social media. Creating new content shows the readers that you are an expert in the field and that they can trust you. It shows that you have your ear to the ground on new developments and that you are active.

It allows Google to index those additional pages on your website and use each page as a ranking opportunity in search results. You then create a body of work over a long period, gaining inbound links from other people that like what you say. It is a soft approach to sales by first giving and then asking.

This is normally mixed with hard sale posts to your social media and sharing interesting, related links with your readers.

The media that you share could be articles, imagery, audio or video. The popularity of video marketing has exploded recently as high speed internet, lower data costs and smart devices became more available.

First decide which products or services are the most important to your company’s sales. Then split them up by focus i.e. Product A (50%), Product B (20%), Product C (20%) and Product D (10%). We then create a Content Schedule (AKA Content Calendar) to show how we plan to create and deploy the content.

The amount of content is then split to fit the percentage balance. Topics are researched, hard sell posts (directly promoting a product or service) and shared posts (interesting, related, non-competitor, recent content) are scheduled. We create the original articles based on a minimum of 3 source articles. All content has to be signed off before they are deployed.

Content Marketing is part of our Marketing Retainer service. You will then automatically gain access to all of our services within the time available. Chat to us to get costing on a standard monthly Marketing Retainer.

It is difficult to have a 1:1 relationship between advertising activity and sales generated. You can see activity through the analytics reports that shows how many people visited the specific articles and where they came from. You can also see what the interaction is on social media posts.

Let your sales reps ask the sales lead where they heard of you as an additional way to nail down the lead channel and source. This is a critical set of information to keep up to date. An example of this would be they they contacted you through telephone, website form submission, direct email, cell phone call, social media message etc and they they found you via a Google Advert, Google Search result, social media, printed advert, previous client, word of mouth etc.

You will need to calculate the lifetime worth of income from a client as the return on investment on the one month that you gained the client. If you remarket to the clients that you get then you can substantially improve your ROI. You would also need to include the lifetime income potential of Word Of Mouth clients gained. So Marketing ROI improves as your sales department drives higher closure on leads and drives additional repeat sales.

Yes, we can plan, set up, launch and maintain paid advertising campaigns for you through popular social media platforms. This would assist in your marketing activities and generating new followers. These new followers would then automatically be exposed to your new content. You can also make the adverts send traffic directly to specific landing pages on your website. This should be combined with a Google Adwords Advertising campaign for those that are in the market for your products and services.

We will ask you about your company, what products and services you want to promote and how you want to split the focus. You would then get a proposal on the appropriate Marketing Retainer size. Once the time has been bought then we will create the Content Schedule and our retainer manager will contact you to start producing the content. Consistency is key so rather start with a more conservative schedule and ramp up the activity later.

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