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Using Market Research to gain insight into your buyers

There are numerous approaches to market research. Almost all businesses use one or two of four basic methods of market research, even if it is not within their knowledge of actually doing so. The type of market research you decide to do is heavily dependent on the kind of data you are looking for and how your budget is set up because what you are willing to spend will either dictate or limit which of the 4 techniques you can choose for your business.

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10 Reasons why tracking your sales is important

Tracking your business sales will show you exactly how successful or unsuccessful your sales processes are and how much profit is made up of the sales. The last thing you would want is to spend money on something that is…
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Why you need a Google My Business profile

Google My Business is an easy to use tool to help get visibility for local businesses and organisations. Business owners can register their business on Google My Business for free. Using this tool, they can manage their online presence for Google Search and Google Maps. Verifying your profile on Google My Business will give you an added advantage because potential clients automatically have a certain amount of trust for Google, and by extension, they trust verified businesses suggested by Google.

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How much does SEO cost

How much does SEO cost?

SEO plays a very important role in marketing your business, it increases the quality & quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website on search engines. In hearing that, the most logical follow up question would be “how much does SEO cost?”, however, there is no exact response to that question as SEO prices vary depending on several factors. Based on research done, you can pay less than R360 an hour to R300 000 a month!

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what is digital marketing?

What is Digital marketing?

Marketing has consistently been about connecting and linking your brand to your target audiences at the right place and at the right time. That means you need to reach your clients where they are spending their time. In today’s day and age, most of the world’s population is spending their time on the internet.

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best way to advertise your business

What is the best way to advertise your small business?

Okay… so you have a business, a brand and a product or service to sell, now what? Advertising your business in South Africa may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. All you need is a clear starting point and a plan. There are so many ways to advertise your business, from digital online advertising to flyers that you can distribute.

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marketing your company on a budget

Marketing your business on a budget

Do you have a small business and are currently thinking of new and affordable ways to market your business? Before cutting down on some of your marketing expenses, let’s look at some inexpensive ways in which you can market your business.

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how much does it cost to advertise on google adwords?

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

Google AdWords is now the largest used online advertising platform in the world. It has become the most widely used method of advertising online for business owners and has reached new heights since its inception. By choosing to advertise on Google, you give your business the opportunity to reach thousands of people.

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How much should you allocate to marketing?

As a business, you must walk the fine line between spending too little on marketing and spending too much. We all know the saying, “it takes money to make money”. This becomes truer when you own a business. Many businesses will decide to cut back on marketing when business is slow because as it seems an easy avenue to cut costs. On the other side of the coin, you have people cutting back on marketing because too much business is flowing in and they cannot keep up with demand. In this article we are going to explain why both scenarios are a bad move to make.

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11 Great Ways to increase your newsletter subscription list

Newsletter subscribers are extremely valuable soft leads that, with a simple push and a slight amount of persuading, could end up as customers. Your newsletter is a simple and very effective marketing tool. Whether it be a monthly newsletter or one every once in a while, it will still grab the attention of your subscribers.

A newsletter is an easy way to distribute informational and product-focused content via an emailed letter to a subscriber list that comprises of possible and current customers. Online businesses apply newsletters to keep their brand at the top of the list of customer sales, launching specialists in the space and notifying readers of products that may interest them.

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