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10 Ideas that make local marketing so effective

Local marketing is a marketing strategy that advertises to potential customers located within their area. If a business has a brick-and-mortar storefront, local marketing – also known as “neighbourhood”, “location-based” or “local-store” marketing – is an absolute must.

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10 Helpful Tips for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign in 2021

As we take down our Christmas decorations and consider our – muted – New Year’s celebrations and resolutions we hope to keep in 2021; let’s explore the conversations that surround holiday periods and how your digital marketing strategy can help you join that conversation.

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What is a live video, and why should you use it?

Finding new ways to grow your business is tough. It gets more difficult when your competitors are trying the same things, so you need to find new ways to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from your competitors.…
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The Rise of the Vertical Video

Portrait not landscape Now you probably wondering what vertical videos are. People are beginning to access almost everything through mobile devices, the only times they see work on their desktops and laptops is when they are in the office and…
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Voice Search: What is it and why is it important?

What is voice search? Voice search is the technology that allows people to do web searches using voice recognition instead of typing keywords on their browser. In most cases, it returns the results orally to the user. Programs that use…
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Using Market Research to gain insight into your buyers

There are numerous approaches to market research. Almost all businesses use one or two of four basic methods of market research, even if it is not within their knowledge of actually doing so. The type of market research you decide to do is heavily dependent on the kind of data you are looking for and how your budget is set up because what you are willing to spend will either dictate or limit which of the 4 techniques you can choose for your business.

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