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We remove compromised files and code from your site

Security plugins added to reduce the odds of future compromises

Post-hack checklist used to improve security

30 Day Guarantee Included

You get a copy of the clean website

Hacked WordPress Website
Frequently Asked Questions

It takes about 1 to 4 business days to scan, clean and harden your WordPress installation against future hacking attempts. It depends on the damage done and the complexity of the current website. This assumes a website between 1 to 20 pages. We will need your complete login details for your website.

No website is really hack proof if it’s connected to the internet. If hackers can hack government computers then they could get into a straight WordPress website hosted on shared hosting. We do offer a guarantee that if your website is compromised again in 30 calendar days after the first clean, we’ll clean it again.

If the website is compromised again after that then your problem might go deeper, into insecure shared hosting or your actual email accounts being compromised. It is important to keep on updating your WordPress version, Theme and Plugins to keep your website secure for longer. And don’t fall for phishing attempts.

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System and hackers target popular platforms since other hackers make newly discovered security holes known publicly.  Most of the hacking that happens on WordPress is through the use of automated vulnerability scans and scripts, not manual hacking. Automated scripts look for well-known weaknesses in a specific WordPress version and then run scans for holes in the security.

When it finds one, it’ll inject code or files into the installation. These files are generally not there to gain information from your company, but to hijack your website to send out spam or host phishing files that could steal someone’s banking login credentials. Here are some basic ways to avoid getting your WordPress website hacked.

If you find that your WordPress website is being compromised continuously then you should speak to your website hosting company (Xneelo website hosting company is a great option.) about the security measures they are taking to resolve the issue. It may be that another website on the same server is vulnerable and that the hackers are gaining root access to the server.

They could then have access to the other websites on the same server. You should also change the passwords on your email accounts just in case you’re emailing website login information to each other internally, but someone else is intercepting that login information.

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