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Letterhead Design Templates
Frequently Asked Questions

A professionally designed letterhead adds credibility and enhances brand identity. It creates a consistent and polished image for your business, instilling trust and professionalism in correspondence. A well-crafted letterhead showcases your brand’s values, improves brand recognition, and makes a lasting impression on recipients.

If you write something on behalf of your company, then you are representing the company. Ensure that your message comes across as official as possible by using a properly designed Letterhead. A letterhead template also allows you to keep documents consistent across your company. We only use system fonts for the body text, reducing the need for special font licensing and font replacement.

Our letterhead designs are done in a graphic design package and then exported as a complete image. We have found this to be the best way to keep the look & feel of the final document the most consistent. If multiple personnel use the letterhead and the header and footer is editable then the odds are high that consistency will be in jeopardy due to accidental changes on the layout. Designing it as a complete image is also for the purpose of pre-printing your letterhead. It also allows us to add non-system font to your designs that come directly from your logo, business card and other design deliverables.

In standard design projects, we design an additional ‘bleed’ area around the final size of a document. During printing, the bleed area is trimmed off to give the final trim size. This allows the artwork to effortlessly reach the edge without any white borders. On desktop printing, the prints will almost always have white borders between the artwork and the edge of the page since most desktop printers cannot print right to the border. Newer printers offer borderless printing, but it will still be a while before it will be widely implemented.

Yes, we can design a cover for your document and will then make the second page onwards use the standard letterhead layout. This will be at an extra cost. We can also add a Table Of Contents page on request. This allows you to create more complex proposal documents.

Our letterhead designs are created to print at high resolution. This is normally at 300dpi. We may sometimes reduce the physical file size of the image used for the header and footer to keep the file size down, but it should not impact the quality of the print. Double check the conversion settings on your PDF printing application as it is likely set low. Adobe Reader does sometimes show PDF artifacts which disappear when zooming in.

We keep it simple by including a Heading 1 and Body Content style. The H1 is normally a colorized, bolder heading font and then a smaller, simpler font for the main body of content. You can request H2 or H3 to be added if your content requires a more complex hierarchy. If you need examples of bullets, tables, imagery usage then we can generate a quotation for an overall style guide for the letterhead specifically.

Yes, we can add a light watermark to the image used for the header and footer as it covers the whole page anyway. It allows you to visually protect the content a bit. If someone is really dedicated to extracting the text content from your document then they will be able to do that. A watermark is a basic method to protect printed document, but not a foolproof one.

We normally send the first concept in about 1 to 3 days. Based on our experience it can take 1 to 5 days for a client to sign off on a letterhead template design.

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