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Social Media Profile Setup
Frequently Asked Questions

It will take us 1 to 3 business days to set up a profile. We will run the brand imagery past you before uploading it to the profile. Social media platforms have different image requirements. We create the high quality imagery and upload them for you.

We will request your official company information and add the standard information requested by that platform. We can add other types of information on request as some of the platforms have extensive information structure options. A Brand Strategy will allow you to add more specific information that positions your company properly.

Yes, we will invite you to become an administrator on those profiles. You may either revoke our access or request that we remove ourselves from it, if required. You are always in control of your profiles. We do not claim any type of ownership on them.

We focus on the most popular ones. That would include Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Costing is calculated per profile. Find out which platforms might be used by your target market and become active there.

Yes, if you already have a profile and have access to it then you should not create a new one. We can then gain access to it and go through the same process to double check the supplied information and uploading the high resolution brand imagery.

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