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Frequently Asked Questions

If we register a .co.za or .com domain in the morning, it could be ready for use by the afternoon. We need a couple of hours for it to become available. .co.za is almost instant and .com normally takes around 2 hours.

Yes, we use standard POP3 and IMAP methods, so that includes all capable devices. You should have no problem setting your email accounts up on your mobile devices. If using IMAP then your emails will stay in sync across multiple devices.

You can choose to have the monthly cost deducted through debit order, which is the standard method, or you could join our 6 month renewal schedule.

Sometimes the domain you want has been registered by someone else already. In that case, you will need to choose another name or try and contact that owner to purchase the domain. Contact us directly to find out whether your domain is available. We can also suggest new domain names that would fit your company.

Yes, you can have your main site as the .com or the .co.za and redirect visitors to your main domain. That would normally be required if you want to protect your brand name so that someone else doesn’t register it.

If you are only using the .co.za or .com for the website hosting or email accounts then we only bill you for hosting on one. The other domain purely redirects to there is no actual traffic on it, but both would be subject to normal annual domain renewals.

We do not offer direct after-hours support, since it is rarely required, but we can suggest that you speak directly to our technical partner if you have queries after hours.

Yes, you can just give us 30 days notice and we can stop the service and drop the domain and email accounts associated with it.

Yes, definitely. If you want to migrate your email accounts and domain then please just give use 30 days notice as part of a standard cancellation. We will then follow the procedure to have your domain moved to your new hosting company. Please make sure that they migrate your website over properly and please back up your email accounts.

You can set up your email account on your device using either POP3 or IMAP. POP3 keeps all the files on your device after it has been downloaded from the server, so you will need to make sure to back up your emails often. IMAP keeps your emails on your server so that you can sync between multiple devices. Just be aware that this would use more storage space and you may need to upgrade your hosting to one of our larger packages.

Our standard Platinum package includes 5 gigabytes of storage which would be fine for the website and POP3 email accounts. If you go over the 5 gigabytes storage due to using IMAP then we do have an Iridium package available of 50 gigabytes. We can naturally offer larger hosting options.

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