Say the right things to your clients with expert copywriting

Critical for websites, brochures & social media

Create a clear value offering

Connect to the problem of the prospect

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Inspire positive sales action

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Knowing the technical details of your products and services does not mean that you know how to sell it. You need copywriting to bridge the gap between what a client really wants and the solution that you provide. You need to make it easy for your clients to understand why they need the product, how it will benefit them and how to get it right now.

An important step is to look at the the 4 Sales Entry Points. These include Product/Service, Industry, Problem and Need Generation. Use these topics to reduce the disconnect between what you offer and what they client is looking for.

Copywriting takes all the best features of your company, products and services and formulates that message so that your target market realises why they need that product or service and why they need it from you. This text content can be used in everything from brochures, websites, social media posts, advertising taglines, billboards and any medium where words are used to create reaction.

You have completed your Brand Strategy consultation and have a great understanding of the essence of your company. There’s no point in keeping the essence a secret. Share that value with your buyers.

It is important to formulate those marketing messages in advance so that you can add it all throughout your Corporate Identity.  Consistent messaging is important to create consistent perception of the value of that brand.

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