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Frequently Asked Questions

We can suggest possible text and imagery for your advertisement to strengthen the odds of a great response. If you need someone to help with writing the actual content then you may use our copywriting service. If you are going to pay a publication to host your advertisement then you should make sure that the content and the call to action is strong.

A advertisement can be used to promote your unique products and services through platforms like Social media (Facebook, twitter, email campaigns, etc.) or traditional media.

It can be used to launch specials, seasonal promotions or just to keep your clients up to date with the latest news in your industry.

You can also use the same design within print media for newspapers, magazines and billboards. The advertisement needs to inform, convince and convert and follow the publication’s formatting guidelines.

We can purchase stock photos on your behalf and will then invoice you for the purchase, if required. We purchase our stock photos through  This platform offers a great range of affordable photos to use commercially.

Yes, we could assist in brainstorming a campaign at an additional hourly cost. We would then focus on what your product features are, who your target market is and then create a themed set of concepts that hooks a viewer. The advertising campaign may link up to a specific need, a feature or an outcome.

First focus on a hook. It might be a need that you make people aware of, making a bold statement or promising something. Then substantiate that hook with a few lines of text. You will then need to tell the reader what to do about it through a call to action. This mix of hook, inform, convert will give your advert focus.

Do not be sparse or vague with your information and do not drown the person in info. First focus on the functionality of the advert towards your final marketing goal and then focus on making it look good. Better to have the reader perform a desired action than for them to just mention that it is the best looking advert ever, but they cannot remember what it is about.

Yes, you can either take the same advert design and upload it to your social media profiles or we can adjust that design to work within the image size layouts preferred by those platforms. You can also insert the images into newsletters, print flyers and much more. The message would stay the same. You would just deliver it through different channels.

We will normally get the first draft concept done in 1 to 3 business days. It depends largely on the quality of the brief.

Digital advertising is busy killing off the print advertising industry because it is easier to set up, control and analyse statistics. You should strongly consider advertising on Google through our Google Ads service, Content Marketing for your website and social media or running advertising campaigns on Facebook & LinkedIn. Stronger reporting allows for more informed decision making when it comes to improving those adverts.

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