Market to your target audience on social platforms they prefer

Run paid adverts on the correct social media platform

Reach your clients on the platform they prefer

Use the power of social media by gaining visibility

Use accurate targeting to show your ads to the right people

Works great when combined with Content Marketing

Social Media Advertising
Frequently Asked Questions

It will depend on who your target market is and which platforms they would use the most. It will also depend on the type of targeting that we need as each platform offers different methods.

We normally suggest that you first launch a Google Ads campaign to target in-market prospects on Google and their properties. You can then extend your reach by including platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.

It generally takes us around 3 to 7 business days to have one set up and live. You pay for the advertising directly to that platform, so there is no waiting time for money to clear and we do not profit from your actual ad spend.

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