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Frequently Asked Questions

The terms “flyer” and “pamphlet” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between the two:

  1. Size and Format: Generally, a flyer is a single-page promotional material that is typically smaller in size, such as A5 or letter-size. It often uses bold visuals and concise content to grab attention quickly. In contrast, a pamphlet is typically larger and consists of multiple pages, allowing for more detailed information and a broader range of content.
  2. Purpose and Content: Flyers are commonly used for short-term promotional campaigns or specific events. They focus on delivering a concise message, highlighting key points, and generating immediate interest or action. On the other hand, pamphlets tend to be more comprehensive and informative. They may cover a wider range of topics, provide in-depth details about products, services, or causes, and serve as educational or informational resources.
  3. Distribution and Audience: Flyers are often distributed in high-traffic areas, such as street corners, events, or store displays, aiming to capture the attention of a broad audience quickly. They are designed to create awareness and generate immediate responses. Pamphlets, on the other hand, are often distributed through targeted channels or by request, targeting a more specific audience that seeks detailed information or deeper engagement with the content.

In summary, while both flyers and pamphlets are marketing materials, flyers tend to be smaller, more focused on immediate impact, and suitable for shorter-term promotions. Pamphlets are larger, provide more comprehensive information, and are often used for educational or informational purposes with a targeted audience in mind.

The 3 top reasons why your company needs flyers are :

  1. Cost-effective Promotion: Flyers offer an affordable and efficient way to reach a wide audience. They can be printed in bulk at a low cost, making them a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses with limited budgets.
  2. Tangible and Versatile: Flyers provide a tangible form of marketing material that potential customers can hold and refer to later. They can be distributed in various ways, such as direct mail, in-store displays, or at events, allowing companies to target specific audiences and locations effectively.
  3. Concise and Visual Communication: Flyers allow businesses to convey key messages, promote products or services, and communicate special offers or discounts in a concise and visually appealing manner. With well-designed graphics, compelling headlines, and clear calls-to-action, flyers can quickly grab attention and generate interest in a company’s offerings.

Yes, Cognite can recommend companies that can print your posters and flyers. We are not associated with any specific companies, but we know who will provide a good level of professionalism. You may get quotations of your own for comparison. You can start by looking at The Bureau, Jetline and Minuteman Press.

Yes, we can export the design into a PDF version which you can attach to your emails. If it is a double sided design, then there will be 2 pages in the PDF. We will optimise the export so that the file size of the flyer or pamphlet will be smaller than the print-ready one.

Cognite uses the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to create the flyer designs. If you have the same application then we can provide the source file for you to edit.

We do not design in programs like MSWord or Powerpoint. We also do not use Publisher. Generally there would be a minimal cost involved for us to edit a small amount of information on an existing design. If the changes are large then a new design might be required.

We can assist you in sourcing the images from www.freepik.com . There is a basic licensing cost involved with the purchase of each image, but generally it’s included in the design cost. There are a lot of different images and we can suggest which one would best fit your specific design. You can also provide your own images, but just make sure that you have the proper license for it. Do not download images from Google Images as they are subject to copyright by default.

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