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    – Suzette Truter – CieSoft

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    – Cecil de Jongh, Soco Dance Studios

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    – Nosipho, Interactive Research And Development SA

    “Thank you so much for all the hard work. I thought I could design my own brand logo until you showed me what you propose and it completely blew my mind. ”
    – Sandile, Indalomed

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    Brand Strategy Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a Brand Strategy?

    Some of the topics covered within a Brand Strategy may seem rather abstract and you could end up feeling like your trying to catch a ball while blindfolded. Most Small to Medium Enterprise business owners are hard coded to only focusing on the inner workings of their products and services. They dump a list of features onto the reader but never clearly show value. If their product looks like everyone else’s, then the market would only compare them on a cost basis, eventually ending in a price war. A Brand Strategy involves discovering the intangible, the feeling that your market should experience when thinking of you.

    Businesses deal with people and emotion is a key aspect in their buying decisions. These clients may or may not understand the technical side of what you offer, but they trust their gut. Make sure to address their concerns, their needs and the final outcome that they desire. The products and services that you offer are only tools to the greater outcome that they desire. A Brand Strategy allows you to understand the value that offer and allows you to communicate it clearly to those that matter.

    How do we start a Brand Strategy?

    We will send you the Brand Strategy document which includes a few specific questions about your company. The questions also include examples of answers so that you know what we expect. It gives you time to share the document with colleagues, mull it over and get to grips with the terminology. We you send a completed version of that document to us then we will add our comments and questions.

    During this exploration phase the document may change hands two to five times until we have a good understanding of your marketing situation. We will then call you or set up a meeting to go through the document to finalise it. You will then receive the final version of the Brand Strategy. We will also share that document with our team since it would affect the corporate identity and copywriting for content.

    How many times should a Brand Strategy be reviewed?

    It’s important to take a fresh look at your Brand Strategy every year at least. It is not a fire-and-forget process. Your products and services may change, industry changes may occur or competitors may become more aggressive. If you have just started your company then you should revisit the Brand Strategy once a month since you may have picked up new insight into the market that you’re entering.

    How long will it take to complete the Brand Strategy?

    Based on our experience, it takes an average of a 7 to 15 business days to complete a Brand Strategy document. This includes the time taken by the client to provide feedback. We may request a telephonic or face-to-face meeting to finalise the document.

    Do we need to meet face-to-face to complete a Brand Strategy?

    It is always great to meet our clients, but if you are based elsewhere in South Africa or on another continent then we can always run through the process using Skype, Email and standard telephone calls. Distance is not an issue in the era of the Internet.

    Who needs to be involved in the feedback during the Brand Strategy process?

    The most important people to involve in feedback would be senior management. One to five people would be perfect. You can also ask other personnel what they think about the company. It is important to combine the feedback from everyone into the document. Just remember to focus it on the marketing itself and not internal operational processes. It is all about external perception of the company.

    What if I don’t know how to phrase an answer?

    This is an internal document only and shouldn’t be made public. You may answer the questions in conversational English. It is a brainstorming process. Throw in any relevant thought that you might have. We will then clean the document up once we have enough information. Examples of common answers are included so that you can understand the context a bit better. If you do get stuck then you could just give us a call for more information.

    Will you include rollout dates in the Brand Strategy?

    Our Marketing Strategy and Brand Strategy works together for a more comprehensive strategy. We include dates and milestones in our Marketing Strategy to plan where and how to put certain items in place. The Brand Strategy would then assist with the overall messaging when rolling those out. The Brand Strategy itself won’t include any dates as it works within the pace of the Marketing Strategy implementation.