7 Ways You Can Get Influencers Talking About Your Products

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The proliferation of online shopping and social media have created new and interesting ways to advertise your products. One of the best ways to garner interest online is to get your products reviewed by influencers and bloggers. These people are a trusted source of information in their communities and their “influence” can reach wider audiences than most traditional marketing strategies.

Increasing online activity means that there are more options and solutions available to us as consumers, so your brand needs to find a way to stand out. Online personalities can provide the exposure, information and social proof that potential customers need to make the purchasing leap. The difference between success and failure will depend on how you get your online store in front of your target audiences.

Finding a blogger or influencer that has garnered a large following in or around your niche can help your customer base and brand grow, online. You need to consider what content is being consumed by your target audience and find ways to incorporate your brand into that conversation. However, finding trusted online creators and writers to deliver your message will take some careful consideration.

Here are 7 ways to get your products reviewed and marketed by online personalities:  

  1. Find the right influencers for your product
    Being able to connect with influencers and gain their support is one of the most important steps for increasing brand awareness and product exposure. Ecommerce is a ubiquitous part of our lives now and we need to adapt our marketing strategies to take advantage of the growing online communities being built. Finding the right online personalities can seem unnecessary, but the benefits are clear. Platforms, such as Klout, Kred and Traackr, are available to ecommerce brands and can be used to find influencers in your industry. You should also remain active on social media and find out who is leading the conversation amongst your target audience. Developing a relationship between influential online voices and your company is essential for modern digital marketing.

Find brand partners and reviewers across different media platforms:

    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook (Meta)
    • SnapChat
    • LinkedIn
    • Podcasts
    • Blog sites
  1. Form real and lasting brand relationships
    Finding influencers, bloggers and reviewers within your industry is just the beginning. You need to form real and lasting relationships between these influencers and your brand. These relationships will continue to pay dividends as they continue to try your goods or services. If you have new products on the market, you can go back to the same influencer for announcements, reviews and advertising opportunities. Use your company’s message and goals to entice and welcome appropriate influencers into your brand’s online presence. They need to trust you while maintaining their audience’s trust. Reaching out via private messages, emails and scheduled calls with online personalities will not always work, but are always worth the effort. Take every opportunity you can to build lasting relationships with potential brand partners.
  1. Give Out Samples
    One of the most effective ways to encourage influencers within your industry to review your products is to let them try it out for free. Giving out samples may seem like an expensive way to create brand awareness, but it is the best way to ensure that industry influencers get a chance to enjoy your business’s solutions. Their first-hand experience and good review of your product could help drive tremendous traffic to your site.
  1. Prioritise video influencers and bloggers
    Most reviews and blogs that we think of are in the written form, but the truth is that video blogs and reviews are becoming more popular every day. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all adapted their platforms to introduce more accessible and better video content. YouTube reviews and sponsorships have become a favourable and easy means of introducing you and your products to your target audience.
  1. Send an extra sample for competitions and giveaways
    If you are giving out product samples to online personalities, consider sending them a few extra products to create competitions on their respective channels or pages. A giveaway can help generate excitement and interest around your brand and product, prolonging the attention that the initial review provides.
  1. Journalists and Professional Reviewers
    Journalists and professional reviewers within your industry are still critical influencers for your target audience. Digital platforms, like Gorkana, helps connect companies with journalists who are looking for new products to review. Their sphere of influence may be smaller than other online personalities, but the social trust in their opinions is much deeper and starts more meaningful conversations within your industry.
  1. Consider Influencers That Review Your Competitors’ Products
    If you are really struggling to find the right influencers who are interested in your industry, it might be worth researching your competitors’ content. Look at the products being sold by your competitors and identify which influencers, bloggers and publications are reviewing those products. Consider what mediums they are using and the communities these influencers are engaged with. Finding the right platforms, connections or content to make may be as easy as checking in with your competition.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right people to build partnerships with can be a frustrating task when you are starting out, but the opportunity to brand awareness and exposure is always worth the effort. Take every opportunity to introduce your products to important voices in your online community and network with potential brand partners. Building these relationships will take time and energy, but brand partnerships will pay dividends in your ecommerce ventures for years to come.

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