10 Tips to Help You Make Impactful Client Testimonial Videos

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In today’s world, online content is key to engaging, informing and finding your brand’s audience. Testimonial videos, in particular, are one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal. Building interest in your product or service by showing satisfied customers to potential ones will give your target audience the confidence they need to make the purchasing leap.

When you get videos of happy customers who recommend your business circulating within your online community, it is a form of social proof that will have a direct impact on your site visits and sales. Knowing what to put in your videos, who to ask for help making them and where to share them is just some of what we will be discussing in this article.

Here are 10 useful tips for making a great client testimonial video:

Show Your Product or Service in Action

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for brands to forget to show their service or product working in client testimonial videos. Showing the promoted product is critical for enticing new customers and a talking head referring to an unseen product will only get you so far. Seeing the product or service onscreen and in action will help them visualise using it in their everyday lives.

Make Client Testimonials That Are Authentic

The clients that are being included in your content should be passionate and well-spoken without seeming performative or fake. It is important to find voices that are compatible with your brand’s overall message and that speak directly to the largest target market possible. Use the lower third to introduce your onscreen personalities and describe their interaction with your brand’s offerings to build further trust.

Explain Your Client’s “Before and After” Story

Most consumers consider purchasing products or services when they are out to solve a problem, replace a necessity or fill a gap in their day-to-day lives. This means that when you are producing digital content, such as client testimonial videos, you need to help them picture using your product and how it could improve their lives after securing it. “Before and after” narratives will help potential consumers identify the benefits of investing in your products or services.

Consider the Switching Cost

A “switching cost” is the amount of time and money it will cost moving to a new or different solution. Changing products, such as a mobile phone or cleaning service, can feel cumbersome and tedious at the best of times. Explain to your target market what resource investment they should expect making the switch, while informing them how it is worth every cent and second.

Identify Your Product or Service as an Effective Solution

The best products and services will solve a consumer’s problem or deficiency with as little cost and effort as possible. You need to make it clear that your brand offers a solution to the frustrations facing your customers, they need to know that you understand their problem and know how to fix it. Client testimonial videos should make it clear how your business helps make your customers’ lives easier.

Your Online Target Audience Are Busy

If time is money, online viewership is some of the most valuable time you can garner from your target audience. You have a limited amount of time to show them your client testimonial videos and get your message across. Even the most interested potential consumer will only have a minute or two to focus on your video. Keep your testimonial brief and to the point, give your audience a chance to learn about your product or service immediately.

Explain Your Products or Services in Detail

In today’s digital world, there are various companies and start-ups with new and exciting ideas that are fighting for the attention of online audiences. This can make it challenging to get your message across in such a competitive market. Your testimonial videos and ad content needs to explain your product in detail and show all of its benefits clearly and concisely.

Differentiate Your Company from Your Competitors

Your company is probably producing something that people have seen or used before. Competition can seem daunting, but you do not have to be first to address a particular problem. You just need to be able to differentiate your solution from your competitors. Explain how your products or services are different than past solutions and how you have improved upon what solutions are already available.

Produce Your Video Content in All Formats

Online content is being consumed at an historic rate and the devices being used to engage with digital media are changing too. Portrait and landscape, mobile devices and computers, aspect ratios and platforms will be need to be considered in different video formats to be seen optimally. Adapt to modern device trends and ensure that your testimonial videos can be consumed on all devices and on all social media platforms.

Pave the Way Back to You

Your client testimonial video’s first job is to create interest in your products or services. However, you need to utilise that growing interest to increase site traffic and purchasing intent. Your online content invites your target audience to invest in your solutions, you need to them take that next step. List your contact information, product description and website details to make this step easier and more enticing.

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