5 More Ways to Incorporate Local Marketing into Your 2022 Business Strategy

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Last year, we covered the 10 ideas that make local marketing so effective and explored the ways in which you can utilise local marketing strategies to grow your online business. The truth is that the digital world is constantly evolving and, as such, our business strategies need to evolve with the times. The ideas mentioned in last year’s article are still applicable to today’s digital marketing trends, yet there is more to explore.

Therefore, we will be revisiting this topic with some new perspectives that consider ecommerce and digital marketing changes that have occurred in the past year. Google searches, social media campaigns, brand collaborations, pop-ups and Google Ads are still critical parts of successful digital marketing strategies. Being aware of local trends, audiences and opportunities could give you the competitive edge you need in 2022.

Almost 90 percent of mobile online searches for local businesses, goods or services will result in a business visit, purchase or call within a day. This means that as you expand your local marketing efforts, you could see measurable growth in your online sales and in-store visits almost immediately. If you are running a regional or local business that caters to specific areas, you need to direct your advertising towards those audiences.

We covered many of the benefits you will gain from investing in local marketing initiatives in last year’s article and, hopefully, you have implemented those changes and seen the results. However, as with everything related to ecommerce and digital marketing, there are more local marketing ideas to cover.

Here are 5 more ways to incorporate local marketing in your overall business strategy in 2022:

Make Sure Your Sites Are Mobile Friendly

More than half of all online activity occurs through mobile devices, and even more when focusing on Google searches. The truth is that as much as you want customers to visit your websites on a full-sized screen, they will most likely be using a cell phone or tablet. You need to ensure that your business’s digital marketing and online content is adapted to suit how your customers are reaching you.

Build A LOCAL Email List

Thanks to the proliferation of social media platforms over the past decade, we are able to access the online profiles and contact information of potential audiences anywhere in the world. However, for local businesses operating in a specific region, it is important to develop a localised emailing list for your marketing campaigns. You need to reach your local target audience and advertise to potential customers that have direct access to your goods or services.

Connect With Other Local Businesses

One of the best strategies for local marketing is to connect with other local businesses and brands. The two businesses can share in each other’s resources, platforms and promotional opportunities. This gives small businesses an opportunity to support a more established local business, while gaining a huge amount of brand exposure through the relationship. This can also make more expensive marketing strategies, such as big events or sponsorships, more affordable by sharing the costs.

Blog/Vlog About the Latest Trends and Events in Your Industry

Connecting with your online audience is critical for building strong digital marketing strategies. You need to be a visible and active member of your local online community, as well as keeping up with the latest trends and events in your industry. A great way to connect with new and existing customers is to blog (or vlog) about events in your community and share in the conversation around your industry’s biggest trends.

Host Your Own Local Events, Competitions and Social Media Challenges

Even better than being part of events, conversations and trends in your community, is hosting your own events that cater to your industry. Hosting or sponsoring local events, running online and in-store competitions and starting your own social media challenges are some of the steps you could take establishing your local presence. These are incredible ways to drive brand awareness, introduce yourself to new customers, and become a bigger part of your local community.

If you are a local business or service provider, and you are unable to incorporate local marketing initiatives into your digital marketing strategy, you need to find someone who can. Today’s digital marketing agencies and online advertising firms are designing all-encompassing local marketing strategies to suit your business needs and community interests. It is worth investing the time and resources into growing your business’s local marketing capabilities.

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