Why should you have a live chat feature on your website?

Live chat support is a fairly new way to interact with your website visitors, without requiring a lot of admin. The way that it works is that the visitor initiates a chat request by clicking an icon on your website and you can respond directly to their query. The live chat feature on your website allows for clients and visitors of your website to chat directly from your website, similar to Facebook’s chat box that can be seen at the bottom right corner of your screen, however, the live chat button can be positioned anywhere on your site. The live chat box can be maximised and minimised in an instant and the position does not interfere with the navigation of your website, nor does it take up a lot of space.

The live chat is a must-have tool for your business. It is imperative as it directs a client/visitor towards a potential sales lead. Live chat can be automated with chat agents that are outside of the company. This saves both time and manpower for both employees and employers, leaving them with more time to do what they specialise in.

The live chat feature on a website has the ability to provide convenient answers that clients want, while also adding significant benefits to the bottom line of your company.

Some of the biggest live chat benefits can range from:

Absolute convenience for clients

Live chat is first and foremost convenient for customers and visitors as they can directly have their queries answered in a timely fashion. Without ever having to leave the site, you can answer your client queries, which can possibly lead to invaluable sales leads. The live chat feature acts as a direct communication line between you and your clients. Live chat provides your website visitors with instant access to salespeople and support staff. When your visitors can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they will be more confident in your company as a seller and a source of valuable knowledge and support.

Increases sales leads and competitive advantage

Website visitors are shifting their attention away from social media as this can be somewhat unprofessional. They are instead leaning more towards messaging apps, something which is more instantaneous. The live chat feature allows the visitors a more personal conversation, where they can ask absolutely anything business related, without getting bombarded with information that they may not have asked for. Your potential clients will appreciate the fact that you have the feature on your website, offering them more options when they want certain questions answered. The live chat feature could ultimately mean the difference between a client using your services over a competitor as you offer better customer satisfaction and support.

Improves customer service

The live chat feature gives you an instant edge over your competitors. The latest studies show that out of 1,000 websites only 9% of them use the live chat feature to provide real time support to their customers. Just by using the live chat feature on your website, you can increase your client flow and client satisfaction exponentially.

You will be able to build your client’s confidence by being in contact with them consistently from beginning to end, without the hassle of doing all that admin yourself. Clients ultimately like doing business with companies that they can have quick and easy access to. In today’s times, people are more attracted to easy accessibility, where they can get an easy quick fix.

Expands market reach

While the internet can assist you in expanding your reach outside your local area, just having a website does not necessarily mean visitors will feel comfortable placing orders or requests on it. If you have the live chat function on your site, even clients who are far beyond your physical location can contact you instantly to make enquiries or arrange purchases.

The live chat feature can even broaden your reach to international customers who may not want to spend extreme amounts of money in order to reach your company over the phone. If you do get requests from clients located in another country, you have the capability of reaching that person with the same welcoming attention you would do to someone who visits your offices.

Problem solving capabilities

Having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. A customer visits your website with the intent to purchase your product or service. He or she expects instant results and with the live chat feature, the client or visitor does not need to have their patience tested waiting for a reply from an email. They will feel a sense of satisfaction when their questions have answers almost as soon as they are requested.

People are usually overwhelmed to get on the phone with a sales representative and ask about pricing too early, since they don’t want to get pressurised to make the deal when they are in fact just information-gathering. There is also the chance that you have visitors with the intent to mock the system. If this does occur, the live chat feature or the personnel on the other side can close the chat if they do suspect any foul play. This is also a great feature as this reduces the chances of having spam conversations.

Reduces expenses

The live chat feature is cost efficient and reduces your customer care expenses. We all know that work can get incredibly busy and we just can’t keep pausing our work for every customer request as it is time consuming and frustrating. Live chat reduces the stress of client sales, considering that the client may take to the sales pitch on the first go. Even if a client does not take to the sale, there is no harm done to you or your time. However, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily lose the sale, you are giving the client space and time to think. If they have a good responsive experience, chances are they will come back to your company and purchase from you. They may even recommend your business to others due to their customer satisfaction and experience. That is the beauty of the live chat feature.

Let’s chat

The live chat feature ultimately makes life easier for you and your consumers. You generate more sales leads through the feature and it makes the hunt for your clients’ purchases go smoother and quicker. It is convenient and professional for small to large companies and businesses, that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Get in touch with us, find out how you can get the live chat feature for your website and see for yourself how it improves your sales and bottom line.

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