What is copywriting and why do you need it to grow your company?

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Copywriters constantly get asked: “What do you really do as a copywriter?”. It is time to finally unveil this mystery and reveal the purpose of a copywriter. Hopefully, by the end of this article, there will be fewer people in this world unsure of the copywriting industry.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is first and foremost a writer. They believe in the power of the written word. They are wordsmiths at heart. A lot of the time copywriters and journalists are seen as the same thing. A journalist writes for editorial publications, whereas, a copywriter writes for a multitude of digital publications/platforms. Platforms such as blogs, websites, social media pages, and so much more. Copywriters write on any topic, for any industry. A copywriter’s main role is to promote the efforts of their client or brand that they are working for at the time.

A copywriter knows what will resonate with specific target audiences. They know how to speak to their soul. A copywriter’s strongest weapon is that they are able to write in whatever voice they feel like. This is great for businesses because a copywriter can seamlessly create content that matches the tone of your company, and in some cases make that tone a little bit softer or louder.

You could say that most copywriters are bookworms or research enthusiasts. When a copywriter is not catching up on their favourite novels, they are researching your competitors, your market, your brand, and your target audience (to name a few). This research ultimately allows a copywriter to write both creatively and strategically.

Why You Need a Copywriter:

A Copywriter Knows How to Articulate Your Ideas

As a business owner, you know that your business has something worthwhile to sell. You may even have something worth educating your target audience about. However, these ideas may be swirling around in your head at a rapid pace and you don’t even know where to begin. This is where a copywriter comes to the rescue. A copywriter knows how to eloquently translate the essence of your ideas. In some cases, a copywriter may even suggest bigger and better ideas.

A Copywriter Writes in A Clear and Concise Way

It’s one thing to write well, but can you effectively communicate with your audience in a way that they will understand? You could try to write your own content but then you ultimately run the risk of writing content that isn’t eye-catching or understandable. A copywriter knows not to write in a matter-of-fact fashion. A copywriter will lay out the facts but will then reflect on how your brand or products will have a beneficial impact on your target audience’s life. They know how to reach the heart of your readers, by flaunting a brand’s personality, its tone of voice, the things it represents, and the stories it tells.

A Copywriter Knows How to Seamlessly Create Unity Between All of Your Brand Messages

A good copywriter is able to weave in your unique tone across all platforms. The platforms that you use are the first contact points your customers have with you. A copywriter will think long and hard about what exactly your customers want to hear from you. A copywriter ensures that your brand identity acts as a theme running through all of your brand messages. Whether you realise it or not, your customers are judging your business based on the words you use to describe what you do. Your customers subconsciously decide if your brand is a good fit for them. They base it on the personality you portray through your content, so it’s a good idea to make those words count.

A Copywriter will Encourage Your Readers to Take Action

At the core, a copywriter writes content that will entice a reader to take action. Actions such as buying a product or educating them on a topic or brand. A copywriter not only knows how to write pretty words, they know how to get into the minds of your target audience. You would be wasting your time and money if you didn’t create content that invokes your target audience to take some sort of action. Copywriters are able to generate a response from your readers without sounding cheesy or elaborate. If your content is not creating a response, it’s wasting space. You want people to actively engage in whatever it is you are putting out there. Copywriters understand that a customer doesn’t want to feel like you only want to make a sell. They want to feel like you are selling a lifestyle that benefits them.

A Copywriter can Give You Outside Perspective on Your Brand

Sometimes brands get caught up in their day to day responsibilities. They forget to take the time to understand what their brand image is. The way in which your brand is perceived by the masses has a direct impact on your brand’s favourability. The power of word of mouth can be both a blessing and a curse. A copywriter makes sure that they are putting on their eyes and ears when it comes to the reputation of your brand. Copywriters will be able to identify what people are really saying about your brand and in turn, take the necessary steps to either enhance or alter what is being said. A copywriter will make sure that your brand is not being misunderstood.

Sometimes people may not want to buy your features or benefits. However, people will always buy the emotions you portray. Contact Cognite and let us sell your winning personality!