Top 10 tips for writing website content

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Find out how to improve your website writing skills with these tips for writing website content. Having a beautiful website is great and all, but the content it contains is what really matters. We provide you with a solid foundation for a website and its content. But in time you will want to update your site when the need arises. The guidelines below will give you some tips on how to optimise your content.

These tips for writing website content will be a good overall guide.

Keep it short, simple and easy to read

Do not try and impress your clients with fancy marketing words, which might just confuse them. Remember, it’s about communicating your message in a way which is as efficient and easy as possible. Also lengthy paragraphs might push clients away as they do not want to read a novel length article.

Only use videos and images when necessary

Adding an image or video clip to your website is nice indeed, but if it defeats the purpose of the specific page, it is not always a good idea. For example you would not want to add an image gallery of two pages long to your contact page. Having too many media on your site also slows the the rate down at which prospective customers view your site, and you do not want people leaving your site because of having to wait too long for a page to load. The best is to find a suitable balance which still creates a brilliant looking website, but at the same time is user friendly data wise.

Write what you know

Do some research into the topic you are writing about. A lot of companies nowadays try to look impressive by adding content which they do not have any actual knowledge off, which in return can backfire when they are inquired about that specific topic. Use facts to support your claims.


Do not take for granted that your first draft of an article will be the best one. Take some time and read through it a few times, you will most probably spot a few changes/corrections you would have to make before publishing the updates.

Create Striking Headings

Internet users are not keen to spend a lot of time to search for what they are looking for, they expect it will be easy to find . So if you only have a huge load of text hanging around people will leave and search elsewhere. But if you create a striking header, with a bolder style and different color, you create eye-catching sections for readers to get hooked and will then continue reading on your website.

Write keyword-rich title tags

It is best to use words that relate to your main services, this is after all what people search for. Using the most applicable title tags in your site will help google “find” your site easier. Also, limit the number of characters for each title to 90. Google only displays up to 70 characters, but this practice can only do more good than bad.


The world today is all about connecting people all over the world in the fastest way possible, which is the internet. Insure your website content links to other informative websites. And if you perhaps have a social network account, like twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure you have links to them. This helps Google to find you through these other websites, which is a good advantage to your SEO.

Write productive summaries, sentences and paragraphs

A good summary of a page should not be too long. Just enough to make the reader want to continue reading. Make your first sentence strong enough to hook your clients.

Ranking high in Google without Google AdWords can be a bit tough. But with effective content writing you might just up your chances a bit. Using relevant keywords relating to your current topic, encourages Google to rank you higher.

Target of your audience

Remember who you are writing for. Different people, from different markets, react in different ways to your marketing strategies. Make sure that what you are writing is appropriate and targeted to your specific client audience.

Content Writing Services

If you are having a hard time writing well structured, intellectual content, Cognite is associated with a professional copy writing service. We can provide you with content for your website which will be accurate, targeted and SEO friendly.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips for writing website content and that your content writing days are filled with productivity and increased sales.