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Search Engine Optimisation Reporting
Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of your website within Google so that you can increase the free clicks and sales leads that would come from it. This specific report service does not include Search Engine Optimisation itself, but we do offer it as a separate service if you require it.

The SEO Report shows you where your website is appearing if searching for a specific keyword in Google. This saves you time since you do not have to do manual searches for random keywords to see if your website is visible. The monthly report will also show where keywords gained or lost ground. Keyword ranking can be influenced daily by Google algorithm changes and by competitor action.

We will ask you to identify the top 5 pages (products or services) on your site that you want to track. We will then work out which 5 keywords are important per page. A web page should have a maximum of 5 variations on keywords/phrases otherwise that specific page is too generic and should be split into separate pages. We then set up the tracking for the critical keywords and monitor the Google ranking fluctuations over time.

No, this forms part of our month to month Marketing Retainer. Search Engine Optimisation does take 6 or more months before any major changes can be seen so the reporting itself would need to run multiple months to show change over time.

We have a sophisticated platform that regulary scans the positions of important keywords and will send out a monthly report. You can then see how it changed across the weeks within that month. The keywords are tracked across any Google location internationally. By default, we track and then for desktop and mobile, since most of our clients are based in South Africa, but we can cover all variations globally.

No, there are different geographical versions of Google. International level searches would use and local searches would use addresses like or another country. A lot of people do not pay attention to which one they are currently using.

Your website will have different ranking for the same keyword for the same page across different devices like Desktop or Mobile and across the different geographical versions of Google. This report can also pick up Google Adwords campaigns that you may be running and include that visibility into the mix.

No, we can also track keyword ranking for Bing and Yahoo. We generally only focus on Google as it’s the most popular search engine.

Yes, the same system allows for more in depth reporting, which can include additional segments like Broken Links, SEO Landing Page Optimisation, Incoming Links Profile, Competitor Activity and more. Each of those other segments do play an important role in your Search Engine Optimisation. These additional reporting segments can be requested as the next level of the same report at an additional cost.

It should take approximately 2 to 7 business days, depending on how quick we get feedback, our internal project load and the complexity of the setup.

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