How Do Google Shopping Ads Help Businesses Boost Online Traffic and Sales?

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The basic function of Google’s Shopping Ads is to list your company’s products and prices at the top of Google users’ search results. Google Ads have a variety of online tools and services that improve the digital marketing and online sales of businesses in every industry.

Google Shopping Ads are one of the most powerful tools available in your business’s online advertising arsenal. These Shopping Ads are easy to set up and offer companies an opportunity to drive low-cost and high-volume traffic to their sites and mobile shopping apps.

The online traffic being directed to your site is driven by the Google Search function and offers potential consumers a chance to click on your links related to their searches. Google is the most commonly used search tool on the Internet, accounting for over 200 million users a month and over 90% of the market share.

The reality is that there is no better online traffic to direct at your online business. Additionally, Google Shopping Ads appear on all online platforms and mobile devices. This allows companies to benefit from diverse online traffic sources and boost their online visibility with minimal resources. More importantly, these benefits extend to all types and sizes of online businesses.

So, how do Google Shopping Ads work and why should you consider using these digital marketing tools for your online enterprise?

It would be hard to answer these questions in totality without knowing the location, industry, expectations and current online sales strategies of your business. However, there are undeniable benefits to using Google’s Shopping Ads for any business and we will explore why those are worth the investment.

Defining Your Goals

Google Shopping Ads are one of many online advertising and analytics tools that Google provides. Having access to Google Ad services allows companies to design and implement high-traffic, low-cost digital marketing strategies that help to boost your product sales and visibility online. These ads allow your potential customers to see your products on their search results and clickthrough directly to your site.

The information provided by Google’s search data, analytics and insights can help you identify your business’s target markets, online traffic sources, most popular products and nearest competitors. Understanding where and how your customers find your products helps you prioritise those traffic sources. Using this information, you can define your sales goals more clearly and design marketing strategies that help you reach them.

Combine Your Shopping Campaign and Marketing Strategy

The first step in utilising Google Shopping Ads is to make sure your products are appearing at the top of appropriate Google searches. By incorporating relevant keywords, attractive images and accessible product links into your digital marketing strategy, you have an opportunity interact with a potential customer, seconds after they searched for a particular item.

The trick is making your products relevant to the most online searches, available to the most online traffic and desirable to the most users, possible. By incorporating a Google Shopping Ads campaign into your larger digital marketing strategy, businesses have the opportunity to benefit directly from the brand exposure and online visibility that you build from smart advertising campaigns.

List Your Products While Driving Online Traffic

The goal of a Google Shopping Ads campaign is to drive targeted traffic from Google searches to your website. Yes, you want to sell as many of your products as you can, but the biggest benefit of a user clicking on your product is that they are taken directly to your site and can explore all of what you offer.

Customers that enjoy your products will get to know your business and visit your site more frequently. Google Shopping Ads give businesses the chance to list all of their products online and relate them to all relevant Google searches, but the introduction of that user to your site could make turn them into a returning customer.

Boost Online Promotions and Shopping Campaigns

As we have discussed, driving traffic to your business’s site is the best way to grow your online sales potential. Online businesses know that the more clicks and hits your site is getting, the greater your sales opportunities. There are a variety of digital marketing strategies that are used to boost sales, such as app-only deals, seasonal sales and online discounts.

Google Shopping Ads make those online promotions and shopping campaigns more effective than ever before. If your company is running a promotion, it is likely to be on particular products, departments, platforms or times, but all you need is someone to visit your site. If a customer clicks on one promotional item that appears at the top of their search results, it invites them to explore what else your site has to offer.

Focusing on E-Commerce

In recent years, we have learned that e-commerce, online shopping and door-to-door deliveries are only growing. Companies that do some, most or all of their sales through a website or app, need to be investing in smart digital marketing strategies and online advertising tools. Online sales and analytics tools help identify target markets, get products in front of them and make those products more accessible.

Google Shopping Ads is one of those online tools that could help almost any type of e-commerce business. They could be the missing ingredients that optimise your digital marketing efforts and sales potential. If you are looking to boost online sales, increase site traffic and gain insights into your customer base, you should consider trying Google Shopping Ads and other Google Ads services.

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