How animation improves your marketing message.

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Animation videos are fast becoming more and more popular, whether it’s an advert on Youtube, a video on a website or on a television screen in a gym or restaurant. Animated videos are quickly catching on as an effective marketing tool.

Here are some reasons why animation videos are effective:

Animation grabs attention

Animated videos are eye-catching and grab the viewer’s attention immediately. People read less and less, and that’s why animated videos are so perfect – because they keep the viewer’s attention on what’s important. They are also easy to understand with easy explanations, animations and transitions. It is an easy way to keep your viewer’s attention and properly present value.

Animation appeals to everyone

The enjoyment of animated videos are not confined to a specific age, race or gender and thus appeals to everyone. It has to accommodate and appeal to everyone to get the maximum number of positive responses. If the animation is aimed at a specific target market then the animation style and content will be shaped for that market.

Videos are versatile

Animated video can be used in as many ways as human creativity allows. Anything is possible, whether it is used as a marketing tool for a specific product, a graph or a chart at a conference to show statistics, or research, packaging software interface tutorial recordings, explainer videos, tutorial videos, produce/service awareness and more. The possibilities are endless.

Videos help with brand development

You can present your logo, colours and brand images and messages across an array of videos over a long time period to strengthen your brand as your consumer market grows. Not only are they professional, but animation adds another dimension to your brand by adding motion to it.

Videos share more information faster

Animations are effective in bringing across in-depth information in a short period of time. Instead of having a sales person explain his products from the beginning to end to each and every client, he can simply show them an animation that will cover the overview of products and services and the company’s character. This leaves him with more time to build a personal relationship with the client. Another example involves a visitor just browsing through your website and instead of having to read a long tedious explanation about every product, they just watch the 1-3 minute video. All of the best features and benefits are shown in the shortest, but most interesting, way possible.

Better information retention with video

People will also remember your product or service information better through an animation video than if they had to read it from a brochure or a website. The visual movement triggers additional areas in our brain, thus allowing for better memory recollection. That’s what makes animations so powerful.

YouTube AdWords Videos

YouTube allows different bandwidth options for faster or slower streaming, meaning that animation videos won’t be a concern for fast or slower internet. Playing an animation video through a device like a tablet or phone means instant high quality at a smaller size. Animations can be used as YouTube adverts as part of a Google AdWords campaign. This gives an improved reach compared to the standard AdWords text or image advertisements.

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, animated videos are clearly one of the most effective ways to target your specific market, grab their attention and entice them into a buying action. Find out why you need to consider YouTube video advertising.