5 Ways That Google Trends Can Help Businesses Create Better Content

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Online content is a key feature of any good digital marketing strategy for any type or size of businesses. However, this content needs to be effective and well-thought-out in order to achieve the marketing benefits associated with creating consistent online content. The most experienced digital marketers have a range of techniques and tricks to create high-quality, engaging and impactful content.

Not everyone’s capable of creating engaging or interesting content. There’s knowledge, experience or tools required for determining what trends are rising and what people want to see online. One of the most effective online tools for discovering trends and industry-related topics is called Google Trends. By monitoring trending topics and popular content, Google Trends can help anyone – of any experience level – to come up with better ideas and better content.

Here are 5 ways that Google Trends can help your business create better online content:

Find out what topics are trending

Coming up with interesting topics for new and engaging content is one of the hardest aspects of managing a digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, Google Trends allows businesses and marketers to follow popular topics, regional interests and market shifts as they happen. This is a tool for comparing, monitoring and contextualising online activity.

By creating content based on trending topics and relevant conversations, you can garner more traffic and make your online presence more engaging and interactive. Utilise the dashboard features on Google Trends to find out what stories are currently trending. You can search for trends through keywords or by using the filter options to refine categories that are most relevant to your target audience.

Make sure that your topics are:

  • Relevant to your business, brand or products
  • Written with the requisite knowledge of that topic
  • Relevant to your target audience

Optimise your keyword searches

Your content needs to be more than just engaging and creative. Your readers, followers and customers need to be able to find the content that you produce, especially those who’ve not been exposed to your brand before. Your website’s content needs to focus on SEO optimisation which will help your target audience find your work.

Google Trends “explore” feature allows you to write in a variety of relevant keyword terms, topics and trends. You can compare and contrast different terms that allows businesses to prioritise the most searched for and engaging topics. By using keywords that are commonly searched for, you can increase the chances of your content being found.

Simply optimise your content by including the most popular keywords and terms that your readers are using in their searches and daily conversations. People search for content using their common language and you can use this to make your content more accessible to specific audiences.

Google Trends’ dashboard has a variety of tools to help you optimise your SEO. Finding the right keywords is now as easy as scrolling down their list of suggested search terms and choosing which ones need to be added to your SEO optimisation. Explore new, related or different ideas that Google Trends have connected to your industry and target market.

Design effective online content calendars

Any business that’s developed an online presence over the past few years, will understand the importance of creating a content calendar. You need to create a schedule for all of your posts and online content to help ensure that they’re released at the right time – with the right keywords – for maximum impact.

Google Trends doesn’t only consider what trends and conversations are popular online. It also identifies what types of online content are creating the most engagement and garnering the most attention. By utilising these data insights, a company can design their schedule to boost their content marketing strategy’s impact and grow the audience engaging with it.

Improve your brand’s online presence

Your brand’s online presence and content production are central features of an effective digital marketing strategy. Google Trends can help you identify the popularity and impact of your brand’s online presence, as well as the online presence of your competition.

Using these tools, you can identify what areas of your content strategy need to be improved in order to grow your brand’s popularity and visibility. Your company’s influence will be limited to how effectively you’re getting your brand out there. Businesses need to design their digital marketing strategy to include the relevant region, time period, industry type, content type and popular brands.

Google Trends offers the real-time insights and data that you need to grow your online presence. Your brand should be a key part of the online conversation within your industry. If your target audience are seeing your competitor’s brands before yours, you need to boost the engagement and online presence of your business.

Research local markets and emerging trends to create more impactful content

With Google Trends, you’re able to search for isolated shopping trends and consumer sentiments. You can identify what your local consumers are purchasing and what kinds of searches they’re inputting for your industry’s products or services. Companies can also monitor emerging trends and use them to create more engaging content, sooner.

From law firms to beauty products and cleaning services to car dealerships, this feature on Google Trends will help you determine what the purchasing intent is of consumers in your country. You’re given the opportunity to learn about your specific market and what the online community wants to buy.

Creating meaningful content requires businesses to create an online marketing strategy that caters more carefully to their target audience. There’s an endless flow of new and interesting content being uploaded every day and your company needs to find a way to stand out. Researching your local markets and identifying emerging trends as they grow are just some of the ways Google Trends can help you create more impactful content.


Google Trends has a variety of useful features that your business can use to become more engaged with and informed about your industry’s online trends. It’s a free tool that provides invaluable insights and allows your brand to create more engaging content. Be a brand that your target market wants to engage with and tell their online community about.

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