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We include an easy-to-understand summary of the performance

See which keywords and adverts performed the best

See which products and services are more popular

See where people are searching from and what device they use

Google AdWords Reports
Frequently Asked Questions

We give you detailed statistics on the performance of your campaign, but we also include an easy-to-understand breakdown of the main points of interest.

The statistics would reveal the following information :

  • Which campaigns are performing the best in regards to conversions.
  • Which campaigns are not reaching their daily spend budget?
  • Which keywords are getting most of the search volume?
  • Which keywords are people actually searching for?
  • Which devices do most of the visitors use?
  • Which geographic areas do most of the visitors come from?
  • Which days and times are there more searches?

Since we manage it on a weekly basis as part of our Marketing Retainer, you will receive your reports on the same day weekly. Google Adwords requires a lot of attention and we cannot afford to just let it run for a month before realising that there are weak points. This will allow us to report to you what we saw and how we upgraded the campaign to make it more efficient. We will also suggest larger scale changes on the campaign where required.

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