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    How did others experience Cognite?

    “Cognite listens well and delivers at the pace I work with! Well done!”
    Nomvula Kungwane, Khweza Engineering Projects Construction

    “Thanks so much for great service, no, excellent service, the professional manner it was handled, the courtesy to let me know what will work and what not.”
    – Suzette Truter – CieSoft

    “Cognite has understood my needs, my vision, and made it reality, while guiding me through the whole design process.”
    – Cecil de Jongh, Soco Dance Studios

    “We cannot express how pleased we are with the level of professionalism, creativity, level of service and end results that was delivered. ”
    – Nosipho, Interactive Research And Development SA

    “Thank you so much for all the hard work. I thought I could design my own brand logo until you showed me what you propose and it completely blew my mind. ”
    – Sandile, Indalomed

    “Thanks Cognite for the amazing service; helpful advice and excellent customer service!”
    – Esta Rademeyer – ABC Personnel

    “My experience with Cognite has been outstanding. It could be the best I’ve received from any of our service providers to date.”
    – Leroy, Geeks N Nerds Records

    “Cognite was just phenomenal in handling my needs. Very efficient, communicates timeously and excellent turnaround  time.”
    – Zuza Ndlovu, Cafe Afromeat

    Pull up banner Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you manufacture the pull up banners yourself?

    Cognite focuses only on the design of the items. We will suggest a pull up banner signage company close to you. You can then browse through their catalog of available banner types and sizes. Once you have decided on a banner type then we will get the specifications from the signage company. We will then create the design on the specified layout.

    Once you have signed off your banner design then we will send it to the signage company on your behalf. You pay us for the design and you pay the signage company directly for the amount of units that you require.

    What are the benefits of a pull up banner?

    It is an effective way to capture prospect’s attention and relaying your marketing message. A strong call to action can increase your sales lead conversions. A pull up banner is easy to transport and set up. They are more affordable to print and will last a long time if taken care of. Here are some more reasons to invest into a pull up banner.

    Do you have examples of the other types of mobile banners available?

    We can get a signage company to contact you directly with their options. The banners offered will differ from company to company and there are new banner options coming out monthly. We can source a signage company that is close to you in case you would like to meet with them face to face.

    Would you be able to help us with the content for the pull up banner?

    Yes, we can assist in writing the content for your pull up banner. This additional service will allow our copywriter ask you about your conversion goal, get the raw information and then condense the content into a powerful message. The content would then be used by our design department to create the artwork for you, using your corporate identity.

    Can Cognite make changes on the pull up banner artwork later?

    Yes, we can take the same artwork and then apply changes to it. We would give you a quotation on the amount of work involved and you will get the final print-ready files to send to the signage company.

    Do you have stock photos that we can use on the pull up banner design?

    Yes, we can source stock photos for you from sites like www.freepik.com and www.123rf.com. We will charge you extra for that stock photo license. It allows you to use professional photos and properly position your brand.