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Google Analytics Reporting
Frequently Asked Questions

The statistics that it provides will give you insight into your website’s performance. You can see where people come from, which pages are more popular, how long they stay on the site and if they like the content enough to come back. Using these figures you will be able to implement changes on your website to counter any weaknesses and take advantage of strengths.

They can get quite detailed, but we can break it down for you on request. There are certain key metrics that allows you to gain insight into how your website is performing. First look at the most important data and then decide if you want to delve deeper into the numbers.

The report would include these sets of data :

  • What method did visitors use to get to your website? That could be directly typing in your website address, clicking on an external link, finding you on Google or Social Media etc.
  • How many visitors are new versus those that return later?
  • How many pages did they visit during a session?
  • How many one-page visits were there? A high bounce rate can be good or bad, so Google is also focusing on how long a page has stayed open as another measurement. This means that a person might have only visited one page, but that page was a 2000 word article or very interesting.
  • Which pages did visitors leave the website on?
  • How long did they spend on the website on average per session?

We send the report out monthly as part of our Executive Summary for our Marketing Retainer, but you will have full access to your Google Analytics account and can request it at any time.

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