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    Google Ads Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

    What should be Adwords Advertising budget be?

    By default, your marketing budget should be between 5% and 9% of Gross. First, make sure that your company is properly allocating money to marketing to gain more sales. Then it comes down to how much is available. We suggest a minimum of R3000 per month. A higher budget will allow your adverts to show more, gaining additional clicks and increase the possibility of converting into a sales lead.

    How do you pay for Adwords?

    Google Adwords Management is part of our monthly Marketing Retainer. You buy a specific amount of hours and we spend it towards setting up and improving your campaign weekly. You then pay Google directly for the advertising budget that you have available.

    Can I maintain the Google AdWords campaign myself?

    It is ease to set up an Adwords advertising campaign, but difficult to manage it properly. Managing it yourself might be a cheap avenue to take initially, but your time costs money and your budget is ticking away daily. Apart from that, you could have lost a sale today by not targeting the right keywords or not making your advert clear.

    The risk of bleeding money is high. It is cheaper to pay someone to do it quicker and at a lower total cost. Naturally, you do have full ownership of your account and may choose to manage it directly.

    How do I pay the advertising budget to Google?

    Google has changed the payment methods for new accounts for a lot of countries. Old, existing accounts can still pay manually via EFT, but new accounts can only pay through a credit card. It is likely done to simplify the payment process. The campaign will then be paced with a daily budget (Monthly budget/30.4 days = Daily Budget).

    Once it reaches a balance threshold (Can be R500+) or 30 days (Whichever comes first), then Google will settle that balance by deducting it from the credit card.

    Can I advertise on Google in other countries?

    Yes, you can choose to advertise in any country or multiple countries. This would make your advertisement appear in those search results. You may need to translate the advertisements if the major language in that target country is not English. You would likely also need to have a translated landing page on your website.

    If you advertise in other larger countries then your cost per click is likely to increase dramatically since you are competing against a larger set of competitors than those in South Africa.

    I don’t have a website. Can I still use Google Adwords?

    No, you will need a website to send the visitors to. We can create a website for you if you require one.

    I have tried Adwords before but I didn’t get the sales? How can you do better?

    Our experience allows us to quickly decide on the best keywords to choose, optimal budget, optimal amount of ad groups, the best regions to advertise in, best negative keywords to add and how to interpret the statistics that are generated. The website itself makes up 50% of the sales conversion process.

    If your website is poorly designed or the marketing messages and call to action are weak, then your Adwords campaign will send a willing buyer into a place that kills that will. We can generate a website audit for you to give you tips on how to improve your website’s ability to convert visitors into sales leads or we could make changes directly on your site for you at an extra cost.

    I’ve seen Google adverts following me around on other websites. How does that work?

    The Display Network of Google allows you to advertise to people that are currently showing interest in your products and services and also to advertise to previous visitors to your website. This Remarketing (Retargeting) campaign can show image and responsive text adverts in the Google Adsense spots on other websites.

    So, another website (Website B) might subscribe to Google Adsense, adding advertising slot spaces into their website design. Google then sees that a visitor came from Website A and is viewing Website B. It then replaces the empty advertising spots on Website B with advertising created by Website A’s advertising campaign.

    This remarketing functionality allows you to remind previous visitors of your offering and influence their buying decision when considering multiple suppliers.