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Email Signatures
Frequently Asked Questions

An email signature is essential as it provides a professional touch to your communication. It includes your contact details, such as name, title, company, and contact information, making it easier for recipients to reach you. It promotes professionalism, brand consistency, and facilitates effective communication in a concise and convenient manner.

A solid image email signature is made up of a single image (PNG/GIF) that you can insert into your email. The individual pieces of information cannot be changed directly. Some email servers may totally remove an image out of an email. You would either need to edit the source file and export a new image for new personnel or request us to create a new one at a nominal fee.

An HTML email signature has editable text in it and can have individual clickable images in it. So mail servers may remove images or strip out HTML from the design. There is a bigger recent move towards HTML signatures. You can also edit the HTML with a text editor to create new signatures for extra personnel.

Both email signature types are reliant on mail servers not damaging them. The will generally go through 100%, but you may have servers set up with anti-spam settings that may alter the way it comes through.

Due to the sheer amount of email programs available and the different versions being used each, we do not offer step by step instructions on setting up email signatures. We can point you in the right direction if your email application hasn’t got an intuitive interface. Generally it is easy to add it.

Certain web based email applications like Gmail or Yahoo mail may strip any imagery out of a message body as a set security setting. The user of that account would then have to manually enable image downloading for that email. Unfortunately that is how some of the companies protect their clients for image spam.

We suggest keeping your email signature as small as possible. This will still give your email message a well rounded appearance, but it won’t clog up half of the email conversation. Rather host your terms and conditions online and have a short link to it from your email signature. This same applies to Email Disclaimers.

When we design the signatures we can upload the images to your website’s domain. We generally put the imagery under a folder such as /emailsignatures. That will allow recipients of those emails to see the images as they download from the hosted location. Embedded imagery may be stripped out.

It might still happen that images do not show up in certain web based email applications, but the viewer can then just choose to download the images for those emails. That email security setting cannot be controlled through the HTML email signature itself.

You can open the HTML in a standard text editor, like Notepad. You can then change the specific information to create a copy for another employee. Just save the HTML file with a new name. You can test it out by double clicking on the HTML to view it in your browser. Just be aware that email applications and browsers can have slight differences in the way they render that HTML.

Yes, we can take your current HTML and create a version per person and export those versions to you as standalone HTML files. You can then share those files with the owners of those signatures so that they can import them into their email applications.

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