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Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also work with small startups?

Yes, we can assist startup companies with their marketing. If your available budget is below R10 000 per month then you could look at our Corporate Identity Bundle or our CI & Website Design Bundle as a quick starting point.

Do we have to use all of your services within the retainer?

You can choose which services you want to use for the time that you have purchased. The services required may change over time as certain items have been put in place and the development of new ones are prioritised. We will suggest which services you should look at next. This strategy is based on what you currently have running and what you would need to improve your visibility.

What results can you guarantee?

Marketing is about continuous correction. We focus on industry standard guidelines to improve both the short and long-term sales lead generation. There is no magic bullet solution to marketing. It is always about making the message clear, making it accessible and then making it visible. The statistics that are generated will then offer new options to explore to continuously improve your sales lead generation. We can guarantee that we will do what we can to improve your sales within your available marketing budget.

What happens if not all the hours are used up in the month?

As our Terms & Conditions state, we do not roll over unused hours. We generally do roll it over anyway if we are in constant, effective contact with a client. We understand that there might be delays in feedback from your side due to workload, illness or travel obligations and we take that into consideration on a case by case basis. This rule has been added to avoid retainers going dormant and clients coming back years later to redeem their few hours that they never spent.

How would the retainer fit in with our current marketing department?

The marketing retainer has been specifically developed to seamlessly clip into the existing efforts of a client’s marketing department. All services are available, but it might be that only certain services within the retainer are required. We would then spend the retainer hours only on the tasks required by the existing marketing department. We are not there to displace any marketing personnel or existing 3rd party suppliers. We are there to make sure that a more comprehensive marketing process is in place.

How does the payment work for this retainer?

The marketing retainer is a monthly, prepaid service where you buy hours and we spend them on required tasks. All time spent is for the purpose of improving sales lead generation. Our retainers come in a minimum size of 15 hours per month and could go up to 40 hours or more. The retainer size could be increased or decreased as required at that time. Our most common retainer size is 20 hours.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement?

Yes, we have a Service Level Agreement which we would need you to sign. It allows both parties to have peace of mind in regard to what the retainer includes, how things are charged, how to cancel a retainer, copyright and lead times and more.