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    Nomvula Kungwane, Khweza Engineering Projects Construction

    “Thanks so much for great service, no, excellent service, the professional manner it was handled, the courtesy to let me know what will work and what not.”
    – Suzette Truter – CieSoft

    “Cognite has understood my needs, my vision, and made it reality, while guiding me through the whole design process.”
    – Cecil de Jongh, Soco Dance Studios

    “We cannot express how pleased we are with the level of professionalism, creativity, level of service and end results that was delivered. ”
    – Nosipho, Interactive Research And Development SA

    “Thank you so much for all the hard work. I thought I could design my own brand logo until you showed me what you propose and it completely blew my mind. ”
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    Business card design frequently asked questions

    Does your business card design prices include printing costs?

    No, our prices are purely for the design of the business cards. You could speak to for quick and affordable printing or to if you need special printing effects. You could also speak to your nearest printing company as you would be able to email the print-ready files to them. Shop around as prices and quality can vary a lot.

    What type of special effects do you offer on business cards?

    As the designers, we can create any special effects onto the artwork such as:

    • Die Cuts – Cut the card into intricate shapes
    • UV Spot Varnishing – Keep most of the design matte, but with certain glossy areas
    • Embossing – A specific shape is pushed out of the card to create a raised texture effect
    • Foiling – This is a shiny silver or gold reflective effect that can be applied in specific shapes onto the card.

    Be aware that these effects will increase the cost of your printing immensely. We generally suggest to clients to focus on die cuts or even UV spot varnishing at most. Embossing and foiling can become ludicrously expensive and not worth the temporary impact it may make on a client. Rather use the money on other marketing channels. Remember that business cards can make that first impression, but it is also very temporary. Most people refer to contact information in email signatures.

    How long will it take for the cards to be printed?

    We can suggest a business card printing company to you that can print within 24 hours. If you give the artwork to them before 12:00 on one day then they should be ready the next day. These are superior to the types of business cards that you would get at instant printing companies. These are good quality cards, but in 24 hours. They do not offer any special effect printing on the cards in the same time frame, but they do offer matte lamination and folding if required. It will depend on your budget and your time available.

    I want a specific type of paper for my business card. How do I choose them?

    You can make an appointment with a printer company directly to go and view their paper stock. You can then feel the paper and see if it is what you are looking for. Once you have the name of the paper type then the printer company will give you a quotation on your prints and they can print your business cards for you. Some paper can be quite expensive so just confirm the price with the printers while you are there.

    How many business cards should I print for each person?

    Think about the next 1-2 years projection of the company, keeping in mind the hiring and title changes planned over that period. Also, think about how much contact the person has directly with clients who will need a business card. A receptionist might need some business cards to have readily available to clients who come into the reception area but a sales representative would need a lot more if they are going out to clients and will be giving a business card to each client. Most printing companies print in batches of 250, so try work around that when doing your planning.

    What tips do you have for good business card design?

    Keep the business card design clean. Focus on your information hierarchy and group related pieces of information together. A business card is not a complex design, so do not throw a lot of information into it. Do not make the font size too small as there are some clients that may have bad eyesight. Keeping it to 7pt minimum will ensure readability. Make sure that the design has proper contrast. You can add products and services onto the business card design, but condense the information.

    Can I get a credit card size design?

    Yes, we can design a business card at the size of credit cards, upon request. Credit cards are slightly taller and less wide than normal 9x5cm business card designs. They actually fit better in wallets and purses as the 9x5cm designs can sometimes appear slightly too wide and start folding at the edges.

    Are business cards still relevant?

    Yes, you should always have business cards with you. A business card is easy to carry and it is generally the first piece of brand exposure that the client gets. Email signatures have all the contact information, but a business card is a way to leave that piece of contact information with someone that you still need to email. The lifetime of business card only extends to the first email that is sent or received. With the volatility of devices such as PCs and Laptops and the loss of emails, an old business card in a drawer may be all that is needed for a new sale.

    What happens if a new person joins the company or contact information changes?

    You do get the source files for the business cards designed, but we are always available to create business cards for new personnel or make changes on existing designs. You can ask for a quotation when required. The cost is lower than creating completely new designs.