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Pricing : Only R1950 excl vat for 4 Page A4 Brochure.
Printing costs not included.

A4 & Z/C/Roll Folds Available

4, 8, 12, 16, 20 & 24+ Page Brochure Options

You get both the print-ready PDF and email attachment versions

Affordable, professional stock photos available

Vibrant and creative designs with strong Call To Action

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How did others experience Cognite?

“Cognite listens well and delivers at the pace I work with! Well done!”
Nomvula Kungwane, Khweza Engineering Projects Construction

“Thanks so much for great service, no, excellent service, the professional manner it was handled, the courtesy to let me know what will work and what not.”
– Suzette Truter – CieSoft

“Cognite has understood my needs, my vision, and made it reality, while guiding me through the whole design process.”
– Cecil de Jongh, Soco Dance Studios

“We cannot express how pleased we are with the level of professionalism, creativity, level of service and end results that was delivered. ”
– Nosipho, Interactive Research And Development SA

“Thank you so much for all the hard work. I thought I could design my own brand logo until you showed me what you propose and it completely blew my mind. ”
– Sandile, Indalomed

“Thanks Cognite for the amazing service; helpful advice and excellent customer service!”
– Esta Rademeyer – ABC Personnel

“My experience with Cognite has been outstanding. It could be the best I’ve received from any of our service providers to date.”
– Leroy, Geeks N Nerds Records

“Cognite was just phenomenal in handling my needs. Very efficient, communicates timeously and excellent turnaround  time.”
– Zuza Ndlovu, Cafe Afromeat

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Brochure design Frequently Asked Questions

In what formats will I receive my brochure design?

You will receive the brochure in a print-ready format and a smaller file size format to attach to emails. It is important to have both formats. An email attachment is cheaper (no printing) and quicker to share via email. A printed brochure is more expensive but it does offer something tangible in the hands of the prospect. Both have their uses and are equally important.

What should go into a brochure?

Think of what the brochure should achieve. If you understand the goal of the brochure then it will guide the rest of your content. Condensing your text content into less words without losing depth is an important skill. You need to respect the time of the reader so only tell them what they need to know at the time. Brochures themselves do not close sales, so balance the imagery and content out so that the person contacts your sales department, where the real closure can happen.

Choose imagery that supports the main message of the brochure. Leave enough white spacing around the elements so that the contents do not look squashed up and desperate. Focus on the flow of the content. Start with the big promise, then support that claim with additional information and then add a call to action. The CTA can be a tel number, an email address or website.

Generally it is a good idea to not send the reader to another piece of marketing material, such as a website. Always try and send the reader directly to the sales department. If your website is your product, then sending them there is fine.

How many pages should my brochure have?

You should be able to cover a good overview of your company within 4 pages of content. That would be a double sided A3, folded in half. The brochure would have a cover, inside left, inside right and back cover.

If you need to show photographic examples or case studies or just like using full page imagery, then an 8 page A4 brochure should be fine. Remember that your client’s time is precious. You should be able to get the critical information across within the first 2 or 3 pages of your brochure.

Electronic brochures can have any number of pages, but printed brochures would come in sets of 4, due to the binding process. This would limit you to page counts of 4, 8, 12, 16 and onwards.

How long does it take to have a brochure design signed off?

If we have all of the content and imagery then we can create the first draft of a 4 Page A4 Brochure within about 2 to 5 business days. We then receive feedback from the client and apply changes. There is a first draft design and 3 revisions included in a standard project. Based on our experience on feedback turnaround time from clients, it takes around a week to sign off a 4 Page brochure. Larger brochures would take longer to complete. We have had brochures signed off in 3 days and also 2 months. Most of the time is generally spent on the client’s side during feedback.

I have a concept for a brochure. Can you design something like that?

Yes, it will actually make it easier for us. There is no ultimate or singular design that will work for your company. The end result would be a mix of our practical creativity and your personal taste. If you give us better insight into the brochure design style that you like then it is quicker for us to give you what you like. Naturally, we can also come up with concepts on our own, based on your current corporate identity.

Do you also do the printing for the brochures?

We do not offer printing directly, but you may give the print-ready file to any printing company near you. Standard brochures are pretty straight forward to print. We are not affiliated with any printing companies but we can put you in touch with a printer company or two that could assist you with quotations.