What drives the Cognite Experience?

Started in 2005, grown all the way

We have assisted more than 1500 companies

South-African based with clients globally

Strong communication and transparency

We are here to help grow the South African economy

How did it all start?

The company was founded in 2005 by David van der Walt in Johannesburg, South Africa. He saw an opportunity to create the type of company that he would like to work for. This company had to have a light footprint, be geographically mobile, adapt easily to market changes and talk directly to the needs of clients. It had to drop the use of technical marketing terminology, while still being cutting-edge in the background. It had to use a mix of closely related services and apply those towards one central goal; Empowering entrepreneurs to create successful businesses, thereby improving the South African economy and the quality of life of all South Africans.

Cognite is a cloud-based company

We’ve been a cloud-based company since we started 14+ years ago. We don’t use centralised offices and our personnel are positioned throughout Gauteng. Our traditional center has always been Fourways in Johannesburg North. We have clients all around the globe from Africa, Europe, Asia to Australia. We specifically chose to be cloud-based for these great reasons :

  • A person spends an average of 31.5 hours sitting in traffic. That’s almost 4 complete business days. We would rather let our team members spend that time with their families and recharging their creative batteries. We work to live, not the other way around. This extra time is great for morale and relaxation.
  • Not having to travel to work reduces the risk of accidents, injury, insurance claims and the massive impact that internal-combustion vehicles have on our environment.
  • Being in your own environment allows you to be more productive. We work on results, not time spent in an office chair.
  • If load shedding hits an area, it only affects those team members in that area and not the company as a whole. This distributed office environment reduces this negative impact.
  • We are all quarantined. If someone gets sick, there won’t be a risk of infecting others in the company. This keeps the company running efficiently.
  • The internet and broadband internet connections means that we can stay in touch continuously with each other and our clients, locally and internationally. Although we regularly have meetings with new clients, we have only met 30% or less of the clients that we have successfully completed projects for.
  • Team members could move around the country with minimal impact on the company’s efficiency.

What values drives us?

We follow these sets of values in everything that we do:

  • Practicality – We talk straight and action quickly.
  • Guidance – We guide our clients on the best option for their goal and budget. We also write weekly articles for entrepreneurs and SME business owners, informing them of new marketing possibilities.
  • Transparency – All source files, content, account profiles and campaigns created for you, belongs to you. We have full transparency on why we should do something, how it should be done and what have been done.
  • Clear Communication – We are great communicators. We are clear about the information that we need, making sure that it is sent in time and following up on the responses. We do not leave anything up to assumption. If you do assume anything, please contact us to confirm.
  • Low Risk – Our Marketing Retainer is a month-to-month service and can be cancelled at any time. It is our responsibility to keep on performing for us to keep the retainer moving forward.

What type of company would be a perfect fit for Cognite?

We love to work with companies that have these sets of features :

  • Small To Medium Business – Although our individual services are available to large brands, our main marketing focus is around small to medium companies.
  • Clear Communication – We love to work with clients that pay attention to the details, ask us questions if they don’t understand and have proper availability.  We are there to move a project forward and we ask our clients to keep up.
  • Understanding the need to market – A lot of companies that come to us say that they used to get a lot of sales, either through word of mouth or repeat business, but that it slowed down over the last year or two. That would not sustain a company. You would need to actively improve your corporate identity, your message, call to action and then put it in front of those that have never heard of you.
  • Properly allocated marketing budget – A good marketing budget is between 5% to 9% Gross. You would need this to keep your market share or grow.