10 Reasons why you need a website maintenance contract

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Most companies start out creating a big and professional website. But in time that information becomes dated, and out of fashion. This can lead to your site not being nearly as successful as leading competitors in your business. So what can you do?

Fresh Website Content

Regular updates will ensure that your website is always up to date, always giving you the competitive edge over your competitor.

Flexible Payment Options

Payment options are monthly, quarterly or annually. A variety of payment options makes it easy for you to choose a maintenance plan fitting your pocket and needs. Different maintenance packages allow you to select only what you need. This allows you to properly control your budget while getting the most bang for your buck.

Software Updates

Having your website maintained on a regular basis will ensure that the software and plugins used in your site are up to date at all times. This reduces the risk of a security threat, while ensuring the optimal functionality of your website.

Downtime Monitoring

In the event of your website going offline for some reason, prioritised troubleshooting will begin to solve the issue, whether it’s the whole site, or just individual elements which are not working as they should. Most companies only offer these services during office hours, but support queries are usually attended to within the next working day or so.

Focus on what you do best and save money

Let someone else manage your website. You most probably don’t have the time or energy to do so yourself. This allows you to do the things you want, and what you are good at. Web companies are a lot faster at updating a website. Consider what your own actual hourly rate is. Multiply it with the time we would take as developers and multiply it by 5 (since developers are at least 5 times as fast). The result is what updating the site yourself is actually costing you. It is cheaper to hire the developers to do the update than for you to fidget with the interface and trying to master image manipulation.

Website Backup

This is your website insurance. If anything should happen to your site and no way to fix it, a website backup will save you plenty of hours, stress and money.

Fresh content enhances search engine visibility

Google actually gives preference to websites which are kept up to date with fresh content. For instance, news posts and articles on the first page of Google will more likely to be one from 2013/4 than from, let’s say, 2008. New content will rank well for targeted searches and each new page or post on your website is a new possible doorway into your website. The more content you have on your website the more inbound links you will have from other websites which will also improve your overall ranking on Google. Content is king.

No Learning Curve

Leave the technical work to the experts. There will be no need for you to spend any time you don’t have on getting to know the inner workings of website management. Web developers have spent years honing their skills and can add content in a way that fits with the overall design style of the website. They can also fix any technical issues that might arise.

Priority Service

With a maintenance option on your website you will benefit from priority service, which will shorten the turn-over time on the updates. If there is a breaking story then it doesn’t help it breaks next week on your website.

Professional Updates

Web Developers will implement your updates in such a way that it immediately stands apart from the work done by an average person that lacks that set of creativity and technical skills.
First impressions count, so make sure that you have the strongest foot to put forward.

Web maintenance contracts definitely holds a lot of value for you and your company, whether it saves time, money or effort, a maintenance plan on your website will greatly increase your website’s functionality and effectiveness.