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Welcome to Cognite Graphic and Web Design. We focus on providing value for money services to companies of all sizes. Take a look at some of our services below or browse through the menu at the top. We will give you quick quotations on your branding requirements. We are also open to suggestions on how to improve your experience on our website.

Creative Logo Design, logo examples and logo inspiration

Improve your branding and your sales

Cognite offers creative logo design services to new companies that need to grow in the fastest possible way. We also offer the same design service to existing companies that need to freshen up their current brand, without losing the existing character of their company.

How to make a logo process works

The logo design process starts with a creative brief where we gain information from our clients such as their company name, target market, products and services, colors and imagery that they would like to see on do not want to see and general styling direction. Logo examples may be browsed by the client for inspiration since making a logo is based on the personal taste of the client. We create these logotypes with the client as a joint project to ensure designs that are creative, applicable and practical.

Using the creative brief answers our graphic design department will then create the first set of designs that will contain 4 logos each. These designs are then emailed to the client will give us feedback on the type of logos that they like and those that they would like to drop from the next set. Our Johannesburg based graphics design studio will then create the next set of logo designs based on that feedback. This process continues until the client has signed off on a design version that they like.

Logo design revisions

A total of 5 logo design sets are available as part of the design process. We do not offer free logo makers or free logo creators as or service is based on our experience in corporate branding, creativity and focuses on creating a unique logo that is completely relevant, professionally implemented and will improve top of mind awareness during your marketing campaign.

Order your logo design or Business Branding Pack

Give us a call on 0861 001 975 if you would like to order your logo design. We do also offer a Business Branding Package which offers better overall value for money.

Best websites designed through Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) Web page design

Our website development branch in Johannesburg, Gauteng will offer you the best  development opportunity at an affordable price. We understand what makes a good website work and deliver creative concepts in a short amount of time. We do not use free web templates in our design as you will end up getting what you pay for. We are open to taking your ideas and incorporating them into our responsive design to make sure that you end up with a layout that you like and that is practical.

The best websites are simple websites

Focus on the quality of the webpage content within your website, the marketing hook, the product, service information and call to action and your website is guaranteed to be as effective as it can be. Our Johannesburg website design team will assist you in designing a corporate or personal online presence that aims to fulfill your marketing requirements. Take a look at our affordable website design package to get you started.

Website maintenance contracts to increase your online marketing

Maintaining your website is very important to long term Search Engine Optimisation and improving your ranking in Google’s organic search results. Our website maintenance contracts are affordable and a great way to make sure that your company’s content stays fresh and attracts new visitors.